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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I’ve written this blog to demystify what I offer my clients. What better way to do that than to speak with my clients? I hope their responses to my three questions sheds a little light on how they were feeling at the beginning of their journey.

1. Why did you reach out to me?

Despite many attempts to articulate their inner turmoil to others, they had yet to find a solution to the cause of their pain. All had endured weeks, months and in most cases, years of feeling a constant and nagging level of unhappiness. They expressed:

  • Ongoing sadness or overwhelming discontent.

  • Struggling to find the right fit in a counsellor.

  • Wanting to find an unbiased and experienced sounding board, someone who could help them decipher the intricacies of their pain.

2. How were you feeling or what kept you awake at night?

Despite having felt deep happiness and contentment in the past (most could articulate that exact time in their lives) all of them were feeling detached and deeply unhappy now. They expressed:

  • An enduring sense of pain and in some cases despair.

  • Struggling to separate their identity from their situation.... what is normal!?!?

  • Couldn't identify the cause of their own unhappiness. They were blocked by something they couldn’t articulate or dismantle on their own.

  • Lacked a roadmap to get them back to being the person who could do more, love more, say more, and achieve more.

  • Felt a sense of loss at the potential that lay dormant inside them.

  • Sensed their life was not quite right. And this kept them awake at night- as it was unresolved, worrying and confusing.

  • Dreamed of deeper happiness and a self unencumbered of negative thoughts.

3. What type of transformation did coaching and counselling give you?

They identified and exposed self defeating narratives which had been captured by their subconscious minds. By having an opportunity to talk about their deepest worries and desires, they reconnected with their passions and personal strengths. They shared with me that they had:

  • Exposed the hidden compass in their own thoughts - allowing them to identify unwanted behaviours and navigate around negative thoughts and life events.

  • Identified self beliefs - ones that had been given to them by either themselves or others.

  • Explored their vulnerabilities in a non-judgmental space.

  • Found peace by aligning with their own dreams and desires - taking actions to avoid ongoing distress and disharmony.

  • Rebuilt the lack of confidence that had stopped them from uncovering the untapped potential they had yearned to discover.

  • Discovered a self-image that was healthy and authentic... possessed of self-efficacy.

  • Developed a deeper sense of themselves and their worthiness of greater appreciation and love.

  • Found the freedom to stand in their own strength... taking actions that were previously unthinkable.

  • Found healing and discovered a better version of themselves.

  • Stepped into their own story and began a new journey.

  • Were recognised by others for the inspiring people they had become .

As the Chinese philosopher Lau Tzu stated, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Want to learn more?

  1. Enroll in our online course, "Identifying the Narcissist"

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