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Gaslighting and Narcissistic Abuse

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Gaslighting is a common form of emotional abuse that causes victims to question their own sanity. It's characterised by manipulative behaviours like constant lying, making you think you're crazy or delusional, and denying something happened when it really did happen.

Gaslighting can be incredibly damaging and dangerous for your mental health in the long run.

Gaslighting is a manipulative and controlling behaviour that can take place in romantic relationships, friendships, parent-child relationships, or work environments. It's important to know the signs of gaslighting so you can identify it right away if it happens to you. Here are some warning signs that someone might be trying to manipulate your thoughts. They tell little white lies often; they deny their own words or actions; they constantly put down your ideas and they make you feel guilty for voicing an opinion.

Gaslighting can make you feel exhausted - like you’re in a constant battle with someone. You question your memory, sanity and the very reality of your world? You may feel as though you are having trouble remembering certain events, feeling like you're going crazy, and trying to talk about unsettling issues, but nobody believes or understands what you're saying.

The abuser subtly undermines the other's confidence in themselves to such an extent that you begin to question even the most basic aspects of your identity. Gaslighting can happen for many different reasons including power struggles or jealousy. It's important not to let this type of behaviour continue because it often leads to more serious mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders.

If you are reading this and suspect someone is manipulating you, read the list below and see if any of these things have been said to you before?

If some or all resonate - there is a good chance you are being emotionally abused.

Things that abusers say to gaslight their victims.

1. I can't believe you think that.

2. You're just overly sensitive.

3. Stop taking everything so seriously.

4. You're being irrational.

5. I really don't know what I've done.

6. We talked about this- don’t you remember?

7. Don't you think you're overreacting?

8. You're not making any sense.

9. You can't take a joke.

10. You're not listening.

11. You always jump to the wrong conclusions.

12. There's something seriously wrong with you.

13. You're the only person who thinks this.

14. Why are you so upset? I was only joking.

15. You're crazy that never happened.

16. What are you talking about?

17. You're making a big mistake.

If you need someone to talk to about your relationship and sanity.

Want to learn more?

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