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Why your self image isn't what you think

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Self-image is a powerful thing. It can affect the way we feel, act and interact with others. It can also be an important factor in our mental health. If you're interested in learning more about this topic, then Candid Counselling has something for you!

The brain is a complex organ that has the power to control everything you do. It controls how you think, feel and behave as well as how you interact with others. A big factor in shaping your brain are people around you, namely teachers, parents and friends.

Your mind is what shapes your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. When we make judgments or assumptions about ourselves- whether it's good or bad- these can affect our moods which then affects our behaviors. Your self-image also plays a role in determining success because when someone starts out lacking confidence they will go into situations thinking "I'm not going to be successful," so this becomes their reality even if they're talented enough for success but just lack confidence around other people.

“Many people think that they have a positive mindset, but in reality they are failing to take on challenges or new ventures. What is your subconscious brain? Your subconscious brain determines the majority of everything you do. The more often I tell myself “I will fail”, the more likely it becomes true. Why not change your thoughts to be better and try again instead? This is how self-image determines success or failure."

Your subconscious brain is one of the most powerful and influential tools you have. It's the power behind your thoughts, feelings, and actions—and it can be a force for good or evil. Your subconscious brain knows what you really want even before you do! The great news is that with some deliberate effort on your part, you can use it to achieve virtually any goal in life. If you're not sure how to change your mindset, you might need to find out more.

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