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Head Shot

Sally (Balwyn)

Margi's life coaching over the last few years has been invaluable to me. Her open, frank and non-judgemental demeanour means that I can disclose without reservation. She has the uncanny ability to piece together the source of any challenge I may be experiencing and coaches  me through the process of arriving at workable solutions. In addition, our sessions are fun and infused with optimism.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to   sort through any life issue, whether personal or professional.

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Natasha (Brunswick)

Margi is INCREDIBLE! My sessions with Margi have literally been life changing. She has helped me realise my potential and empowered me make decisions and take risks I never would have thought possible. Margi is warm and caring and incredibly nurturing in her approach. She creates an extremely safe space where I feel comfortable expressing myself without holding back. Thank you, Margi, for helping me realise that I am worthy of the life I desire.


Renee (New York)

Thank you Margi for a very helpful session, I am starting to feel more solid and empowered, step by step! Thanks to you. The journey is becoming very interesting and so insightful. You are a very powerful. Thanks so much for this feedback which really helps, especially seeing growth!

Thanks for the pushes, they are really helping. I slept better last night. You have really changed my life Margi and I know this is just the beginning.


Beth (UK)

Months after escaping narcissistic abuse, anxiety and sleepless ruminations gripped me. Margi was a was my life saver. Her deep insights and techniques calmed my anxious nerves, breaking the cycle of constant overthinking. Today I'm on a path to genuine healing and peace.

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James (St Kilda)

Thank you for yesterday Margi.

Thank you...

I so needed your input and advice.

Meeting you has changed the course of my life in such a huge way.

There should be a statue built of you in the city square.


Carla (Los Angeles)

You have given me the motivation to leave my ex-husband for good and not go back. I suddenly saw the real him and after three attempts, I finally left for good! Went completely no contact with him and so thankful that we don't have any kids together, so I'm done with him for good! though I loved him, I never felt freer than I do now!

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